CBD Hemp Oil Dosage

How Much CBD Hemp Oil Should I Take?

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CBD Hemp Oil Dosage

CBD Hemp Oil Dosage is no one-size-fits-all dosage guideline.  There are a myriad of variables to consider.

What type/potency CBD product are you taking? First, you have to think about the product itself; is it a CBD isolate or full spectrum hemp oil (like ours). What potency is it?  Is it a lower dose such as 500mg per oz (or 16.6mg of total cannabinols per full dropper) or a high potency product like our 1500mg full spectrum hemp oil.  All of these factors come into play when dosing.

What symptom are you dosing the CBD product for? Next you’ll have to think about what ailment you want to subside by taking the CBD oil.  CBD and hemp oil have had numerous studies done to show the positive benefits.

What is your sensitivity level? Every person reacts to medication and substances differently as every body and personal history is different.  You’ll have to assess what your medical sensitivity is right for you.  We always recommend starting off at the base dosage and working your way up so as to not have any negative experiences.

Zion Microdosing Method:

5 drops under the tongue (hold for 1 min.), wait 30 minutes and re-evaluate your body.  Repeat until you have found your sweet spot.  The next day, try the total amount and perhaps scale back as needed.


Generic Dosing for 1500mg/oz of Spagyric Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

(for 750mg hemp oil, feel free to double dosage, but ALWAYS start with the Zion Microdosing Method as every body reacts differently)

Medical studies are still either in trial or too early in the stages as CBD and full spectrum hemp oil are new to market.  So scientific evidence for CBD Hemp Oil Dosage and symptoms are still wait-and-see.

CBD oil for insomnia dosingCBD/Hemp Oil Dosage For Sleep & Insomnia

We’re still waiting for scientific research, but there are good studies that show CBD may hold promise for REM sleep. We recommend starting with the microdosing method above.  Some of our customers have improved sleep after only taking 2-3 drops, others need to take 1-3 full droppers.  

cbd dosing for anxietyCBD/Hemp Oil Dosage For Anxiety

Again, the level of anxiety is different for everyone.  For some it’s only in social situations, for others it’s just leaving the house.  But, there is promising evidence that Cannabidiol (CBD) can produce an anxiolytic-like (anxiety reducing) effect.  We recommend starting with the microdosing method above, 1-4 times daily as needed and dosing up if needed.

cbd oil for chronic pain dosingCBD/Hemp Oil Dosage for Chronic Pain

As we’ve said before, chronic pain can come in many forms and in varying degrees.  Some may be caused by an injury, others may be from a condition such as fibromyalgia or Lyme disease.  But there is good evidence that the combination of cannabinoids THC & CBD produce a reduction in allodynia (pain sensation).  That being said, we recommend starting with 1/2 dropper 1-4 times daily as needed and dosing up if needed.

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