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the entourage effect cbd and thcEntourage effect? Most hemp oils on the market are CBD-only tinctures.  This means they have either used a CBD isolate and added a carrier oil like coconut or olive or processed the hemp and isolated only the CBD cannabinoid and marked it up up to 10x. On the opposite side of the hemp oil market are full spectrum hemp products (like Zion Medicinals). We use the whole plant to process and extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids to provide a superior product.  Why is a full spectrum hemp oil more effective and have more medicinal qualities?  Because of the ‘entourage effect’.  The combination of several cannabis cannabinoids provide a product that is superior to isolates in their medical application as they work better together. How:  affect multiple targets within the body, improve active ingredients absorption, overcome bacterial defense mechanism, minimize adverse side effects.

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