CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

cbd oil dosing calculatorThe most common question asked when relating to cannabidiol (CBD) is how to properly dose. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Why? Proper dosing includes a multitude of factors that can can include, weight, medication tolerance, endocannabinoid system health, severity of symptom and much more. To make a quick and easy CBD oil dosage calculator, we have used weight and symptom severity data points. Again, this is just an approximate calculator and by no means meant to replace a health care practitioner recommendation.

If you want a more detailed dosing recommendation, check out our other dosing page. It contains another popular method, microdosing. You start with 3-5 drops sublingually , wait 30 min. and reevaluate your condition. Repeat until you find your sweet spot. Otherwise, you can try the basic calculator below.

CBD Dosage Calculator

When using the Condition Severity slider, 1 is an acute symptom and 5 is a chronic condition lasting years.