Natural Sleep Aid

A single plant extract could help as a natural sleep aid and insomnia remedy.  natural sleep aid

Have you tried traditional sleep meds with no results? Learn more about our natural sleep aid and insomnia aid. Our product uses an all-natural plant extraction for relaxation. A recent study found this natural plan “may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia and decrease sleep latency [sleep delay].”

So many people have tried sleeping tablets, OTC pills and even prescription meds with no relief.  The cause is not often known as so many factors play into proper sleep such as stress, diet, water intake, other prescription medication, physical ailments, organ issues or even bad nighttime habits.

Additionally, there is an epidemic in certain parts of the country like the Northeast with Lyme disease-induced insomnia.  Our U.S. grown and extracted plant oil has helped many with longer and deeper sleep.

What is this magical plant?  Well, it’s organically grown in Colorado and then whole plant extracted to keep all the terpenes, minerals and other medicinal constituents to provide the highest quality and most medicinal value. Don’t worry, it’s legal in all 50 states and is not known to contraindicate with any other supplements or medication (but always check with your PCP before taking any new protocols). There are no tough pills to swallow or shots to inject; there are no large side effects like prescription meds; it’s available without a prescription.  Don’t wait; sign up today to stop worrying in bed if you’re sleeping tonight.  End the pattern today.

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