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Imagine watching the person you love the most in this world suffering with deep, chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia.

It’s been five years of difficult days and sleepless nights. The mother of your child can barely take care of herself. The most advanced, potent prescription drugs have only seemed to make things worse, and the slew of new CBD products claiming to be miracle remedies have provided minimal relief.

Now, imagine you knew how to create something better, something that works. This is the story of Brian Caruso of Manchester, New Hampshire, and his wife, Jess, who suffers from Lyme Disease. ​This is the story of Zion Medicinals.

Brian and Jess – a doctor of chiropractic medicine – knew that nature had to have the answer, but the ​cheap sourcing, incomplete extraction and inefficient processing of existing CBD brands weren’t cutting it.​ Meanwhile, Jess was growing more and more depleted by the day. Well, if you want something done right, ​sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Brian dedicated many months and many miles of cross-country travel to researching and developing his own process for producing a ​complete, high-quality CBD oil with superior potency.​ Step 1 was obvious: ​the best CBD oil starts with the best hemp, ​and the best hemp is single-source, farmer-direct and organically grown in the mountains of Colorado using Korean Natural Farming (KNF) methods that reintroduce beneficial nutrients and microorganisms back into the soil. Best hemp? Check.

But it takes a lot (and we mean a ​lot ​ ) of work to get the best CBD oil out of the best hemp. Taking advantage of every opportunity to ​maximize therapeutic potency​, Brian partnered with the most sophisticated extraction facility in Colorado to perform ​ethanol extraction​ instead of the far more prevalent CO2 extraction methods to distill a wider range of molecules from the hemp plant.

This ​truly full-spectrum extract ​allows the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, oils and hundreds of other beneficial compounds to complement each other for a more complete and powerful relief​ that CO2-extracted oils and isolates can’t compete with. Ethanol extraction is the true definition of full-spectrum CBD.

Most CBD producers would stop there. Time to bottle that high-quality CBD oil and put it to use, right? Not quite. Jess’s health hung in the balance. She needed something substantially stronger than the CBD oils that were out there.

Brian’s extraction partner suggested they add ​spagyric processing,​ a 4-thousand-year-old alchemical purification process that ​fully captures the life force of hemp by recombining filtered mineral salts​ from the excess plant matter that most producers simply throw away.

Watching the bright flames transform what had been waste into something worthy was an ​out of body experience​ and Brian knew he’d discovered something magical. Filled with hope and excitement, he brought the ​highest-potency CBD oil​ back home to Manchester. That night, Jess got a full night’s sleep for the first time in years. Her days are no longer such a struggle and she’s been able to raise her child attentively.

If necessity is the mother of all invention, then it was the necessity to help his wife that led Brian to develop the ​most innovative processes​ for producing the ​most bioavailable and potent CBD oil​ on the market.

Now, with the epidemics of stress and chronic pain plaguing our lifestyle, Brian has made it his mission to restore mental, physical and emotional balance for those suffering from pain, anxiety and insomnia through ​Zion Medicinals – the most complete, potent CBD oil, from soil to solution.

Team Caruso
Team Caruso