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Our Story

Founder Brian Caruso’s wife suffered from the debilitating symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease. Pharmaceuticals and existing plant-based remedies weren’t making a difference. Knowing nature had to have the answer, Brian dedicated many months of research and even more miles of travel to developing a remedy. Combining ethanol extraction with alchemical spagyric processing like nobody had done before, Brian produced the most potent hemp extract on the market. When he returned home with the new formula, Brian’s wife slept through the night for the first time in years. Zion was born.

Our Mission

We restore mental, physical and emotional balance through innovative botanical remedies so you can fully experience your unique life. Our spirit of innovation and dedication to quality drives us to create plant-powered formulations for your health and happiness using unique ingredients and processes. Whether you seek relief from stress, anxiety, aches or pains, we are nature’s answer to harmful pharmaceuticals and ineffective “natural” alternatives. Fully experiencing life starts with a better day and a better day starts with Zion.

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Hemp Dosing

Our products help with chronic symptoms, mild discomfort and everything in between. Just like caffeine or hot sauce, everyone’s dose is different.

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What Is Spagyric Processing?

Sometimes, innovation is using old ideas in new ways. Learn more about the ancient alchemical process that sets our hemp extract apart from the rest.

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