Pet CBD Dosing

pet cbd dosing
A dog getting his CBD hemp oil medicine

The following pet CBD dosing guidelines are only that; guides. Results may vary depending on the pet, the symptom severity and the pet’s endocannabinoid system, among other factors.

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*NOTE* Dosing is based on our 250mg Organic Spagyric Hemp Oil potency. You should NOT use this pet dosing guide for any other product as our formula and extraction methods are different than any other product on the market and you will most likely see different results.

Administering pet CBD oil

Ideally you would put the dosage amount on the tongue or in the mouth of the pet, but we understand that may be difficult or unsafe due to the glass dropper. Others have found success by putting the pet hemp oil on top of their food.

250mg per drop potency: there is approximately 8.3mg of cannabinoids per full dropper and approx. 20 drops per dropper. So, 1 drop equals approximately 0.416mg of cannabinoids in our 250mg potency.

You can use the provided calculator at the bottom of the page to calculate the dosage that’s right for your pet.

Low Dosage:

0.05mg x lbs, 2x daily (e.g. a 50lb dog would take 2.5mg (0.05 x 50) of hemp oil, or 6 drops, twice daily.)

Medium Dosage:

0.125mg x lbs, 2x daily (e.g. a 50lb dog would take 6.25mg (0.125 x 50) of hemp oil, or 15 drops, twice daily)

High Dosage:

0.25mg x lbs, 2x daily (e.g. a 50lb dog would take 12.5mg (0.25 x 50) of hemp oil, or 1 1/2 droppers, or 30 drops, twice daily)

Pet CBD Dosing Calculator