What Do All the CBD Oil Numbers Mean?

what do cbd oil numbers meanThe first thing you’ll probably notice when researching CBD hemp oils is that there are a confusing amount of numbers.  The prominent number is usually the total amount of CBD or total cannabinoids contained in the bottle/container.  Usually it is measured in milligrams or mg.  It can usually vary between 100 – 2000mg and the potency of the product matches accordingly; the higher the number, the higher of the potency.  *Note, be sure to match the CBD/cannabinoid milligrams to the same total bottle size as different companies offer different sizes such as 15 ml (½ ounce), the standard 30 ml (1 ounce), etc.

Some companies also list the amount of CBD/cannabinoids contained per serving.  You could see something like 50mg/ml.  This would mean there is 50 mg of CBD/cannabinoids per ml of oil.  If it doesn’t list this info, you can do some simple math and divide the total mg listed and divide by the total bottle amount to get a mg/ml ratio.

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