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What Is Spagyric Extraction?

hemp spagyric extractionWe tout our full spectrum hemp oil is a better medicinal product because of our unique spagyric extraction process.  But ‘what does that mean and why is it better‘, you must be asking.

Alchemy is over 4 thousand years old and the practice is meant to purify and perfect objects.  How it relates to herbal medicine and remedies is through spagyrics. The spagyric process involves fermentation, extraction, purification, recombination and ending up with a raw tincture.

All of this is done without harsh chemicals, only organic alcohol and in vacuum so heat doesn’t destroy medicinal plant elements.

But wait, isn’t CO 2 (carbon dioxide) extraction the hottest trend right now?

There has been much innovation in the last few years in hemp extraction and CO2 is a better choice than some.  But since it’s a liquid gas, it only extracts the non-polar parts of the plant, resulting in a limited extraction of the entire plant matter.  Then there is the subject of limited bioavailability.  CO2 extracts are  non-water-soluble and since our body is made up of 70% water, the body degrades the CO2 extraction in the digestion process.

How does hemp spagyric extraction work?

The first step is Soxhlet Extraction using the whole plant in a hermetically sealed vessel that operates under vacuum and using only organic alcohol, which creates a full cannabinoid and terpene tincture. This process can take 6-8 hours, which is why we price our products at the high end of the market.

Step two in our unique spagyric extraction process is to take the leftover plant material from step one and burn it to a white ash (Calcination) to extract the minerals and salts. Then it’s mixed with distilled water, filtered and evaporated to crystallize.

The last step is to take the raw hemp tincture from step one and recombined with the crystallized mineral salts.  This product now contains all of the acids, oils and minerals in a purified and concentrated form.

We then take this pure and raw complete full spectrum hemp tincture and dilute it with fractionated coconut oil to create the desired potency.  We only create high potency hemp oil products as they provide the highest medicinal value.


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