Wholesale CBD Oil Application

wholesale CBD oilWe love partnering with other businesses to help people achieve their health goals.  This is why we created our wholesale CBD oil division.  Simply fill out the form below and we will touch base with you to talk about next steps and how we can help you.

*Minimum order is 6 of any product to receive the wholesale pricing.

Why wholesale CBD oil with us?

Highest Quality Products

We only use organically grown U.S. hemp and only extract with the whole plant, not trim, milled or shucked.

We are one of the only companies in the hemp oil space that uses alchemy-based spagyric extraction of our whole plant hemp.  This unique process gives a more complete extract which translates to better bioavailability and a higher potency product.

Cutting Edge Technology

This means no filling out forms or spreadsheets and faxing/emailing or other antiquated procedures.  We give you a special wholesale login account and you can order your products right from our website. Even better, our wholesale pricing tiers are automatically calculated.  In addition, we’ll give you the best shipping rates to pass extra savings to your valued customers.

Focus on Customer Service

Once you become a cbd wholesaler with us, you’ll be assigned a personal representative.  We’ll be at your disposal to answer any product-related questions, send out any marketing materials or anything else you need to be as productive as you need to be.

Not ready to scale to wholesale CBD oil yet?

Is your company not large enough to fund wholesale buying? No worries; we offer our CBD hemp oil drop shipping service as well or our CBD affiliate program